Mandate Center Offers Direct to SELLER

Exclusive Offer for Buyers in NEED OF FUEL.

Mandate Center has now obtained an exclusive relationships with a Major seller who has authorized us to begin the request and seek the standard questions to obtaining fuel. We will begin by sending the unique procedures.

To understand this method of buying fuel is a true gift for a real buyer. Reason is because it requires NO FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS to SECURE. We provide a three (3) step process to obtain a contract in less then 24 hours.

Mandate Center provide a clear path for real product as our relationships are very strong and with our staff of qualified people in the industry who know how to bring a client forward to complete a transaction makes every client of ours, a long lasting client.

PRICING is $5.00 under WTI Platts - Take advantage of real product that is clearly ready for pick up. We have several contracts in closing now so success is high on this particular product. Now we are pushing this product for July and August.

No. 6 Fuel with 1% sulfur is now $30 under platt.
D-2 at 30 under platt for .5% sulfur.
Asphalt for 30 under potens!

A simple request or registration will earn a reply in a very short period, to obtaining a very powerful introduction for real product..

Our goal is to weed through the broker world and obtain a direct relationship to clients in order to bring you forward in 48 hours..

For more information please email us directly. .

All Submission as to and will be dispursed accordingly to the proper associated for a return call within a SHORT PERIOD.
      Please place interest in Subject heading. Example : "Buyer Request - Fuel"

    • Honesty is the best policy approach- We track all our deals to ensure all parties associated are properly paid in a timely fashion.