Mandate Center Offers FUEL DIRECTLY - SELLER

Exclusive Offer - We now have a supplier of JP54 - D-2, Mazut, No. 6 and Massive Crude Deal

Mandate Center has now obtained an exclusive relationships with Seller where we can offer fuel product and place seller on the phone within 24 hours or less.. Our exclusive relationship and track record of success has lead us to the Mandated/US Rep positions.

Active buyers can obtain product very easily. 90% are contract offers and only 10% are spot deals. Due to the changing ways in purchasing Russian fuels, we now have a top level relationship that allows us to obtain the product from Russia and seller handles logistics. Buyer can pick any port to load however do to heavy traffic we may offer alternative ports to keep lifting schedule on-track and on-time. .

Seller has product in Houston of JP54, D-2 and Crude available. Product will require a special procedure only suited to specific buyers. Discounts are generall fair market value however finding real product is worth more.

We have access to approx 40M barrels of multiple products which will be sold at 1M to 5M barrels per deal. Upon principals communicating directly, the deal can be increased. We are programmed to offer 1M per entry.

Please check back soon as we are updating this page. .

For more information please email us directly. We can provide documentation after one of our sales staff has spoken to the client to ensure real buyer over brokers seeking new opportunities. We have been trusted with the ability and choose to be careful in our approach.

All Submission as to and will be dispursed accordingly to the proper associated for a return call within a SHORT PERIOD. Please include your position in the email to get a faster response.
      Please place interest in Subject heading. Example : "FUEL OFFER"
    • We submit each email to the proper department so each submission is handled properly.

    • Honesty is the best policy approach- We track all our deals to ensure all parties associated are properly paid in a timely fashion.