Mandate Center Managed Buy Sell Program - NO RISK SCEANRIO.

The Mandate Center is proud to offer the Managed BUY-SELL PROGRAM offering NO-Risk program to client. Clients will receive a healthy portion of the program as well as fund our fed approved programs. The program is designed for project financing and will offer any client seeking to do riskless trading through a banking institution where money is secure in non-depleting account.

Our program is designed and our accounts are in Western Europe TOP 25 Banks. The Mandate Center is facilitating to the provider and company running the program. All information pertaining to this can be provided when the mandate center is in contact with actual client to present the offer. No agreements will be provided until a CIS Package is submitted and client is vetted properly. Fed Authorized attorney will perform the due diligence and will report back in approx 72 hours from submission.

Upon the acceptance that client is accepted to proceed forward, we will provide the outline and structure to this program.

Commissions: Will be paid by the client to any intermediates in the mix. Mandate Center is on the sell side and is closed.  

We will only speak with the buyer period, if a broker or non-registered person is talking or on the phone during the call the deal will be terminated and your name will not be able to be used again through out Mandate Center Understanding...please read our policies before proceeding forward. We are working directly with the seller/provider in all case. Our product is available is on a first come - first serve basis and must pass due diligence period before proceeding forward.

What is required:

    • Complete CIS package with COLOR passport, History, Auth to verify.
    • LOI - Made out to the Company ( we will give the name upon CIS Package being submitted)
    • Agreement will be placed after vetting period is complete.