Mandate Policy and Understanding from the beginning.

The Mandate Center closes the deal between parties of Buyers and Sellers who a temperance for doing just that.  We have incorporated the newest software technologies and internet protocols to complete signatory agreements anonymously until both parties have agreed on the terms and signed the agreements that represent their interests and the interests of the navigational parties such as the mandates, intermediates and the Mandate Center.  Our protocol makes the difference between approaching the table and closing the deal.  

The centrifuge of the Mandate Center first appears to be an incredible resource of motivated buyers and sellers of gold, oil and real estate where Letters of Intent are available from our buyers and concise packages are posted from motivated sellers.

The need for signatory agreements is an uncompromising necessity when the assets grow exceeding large relative to the assets of the conjoining parties.  Since the beginning of time, cultures have been universally engaged in a system of bartering.  Whether it is neighbors, townships, states or nations, the exchange is conducted by relatively few navigational talents.  Signatory agreements such as NDNCs, LOIs and payment contracts must be presented upfront and agreed to prior to closing.

The Mandate Center has developed an intellectual protocol for these particular signatory agreements whereby all parties and intermediates can be assured their interests and just deserts are documented and traceable to individual transactions. 

Signatory pages are completed with the agreed consent of both parties, in anonymity, until the completion and conformance of both parties to the content of those documents.   from the sides of both the buyers mandate and sellers Mandate until both parties have completed their agreements without exception to the content of the said agreements.  The necessary agreements are identified by: a transaction #, Description of the transaction, unique password, and the live IP address from which the transaction was both delivered and agree to, and sent back. Upon completion from both parties, the signatory agreement is sent back complete to both parties.

What is required:

    • Mandate Center Signatory Agreement contract
    • NDNC
    • LOI
    • Payment Guarantees