New people or real estate companies have the ability to join if you are direct only to buyer or seller. We are a limited and specialized group that have the trust as the basis of our foundation.

We are here to assist our clients to get direct communication to the buyer with our no hassle policy. When joining our network the terms and conditions are that the percentages are pre-arranged to allow our no hassle policy of direct connect sales. We are priding ourselves on the ability to close a deal in the shortest time frame.

You can easily apply for our membership by emailing us with your contact details. We will then proceed forward with a confidentiality agreement with acceptance of terms and conditions.
In the world of sales, we do not let personal financial gain control the outcome of a closing. We enforce the method of direct purchasing and commission structures with a binding agreement prior to sale.
We are looking to increase our direct network!
By becoming our partner you increase your chances of closing within a week.

By becoming our partner you are introduced to a network.