Mandate Policy is clearly separating the positive from the negative.

The Mandate Center does not tolerate people of false impersonation or scenarios for people who have misrepresented, multiple non-performances, and have shown, with creditable evidence, that they are NOT worthy of interaction or transactions pertaining to the mandate center's core group or connected associates to any buyer or seller connected within the Mandate Center Organization. This is an Internal List provided by active members who have written and posted their names with the reason. Password protected and for members only. This list is not for public use and any person on this list will not be allowed to enter into any deal provided by us. All security features are added and tracked.


A Eithic & Standards list is a list or register of persons who, for one reason or another, are being denied a particular privilege, service, mobility, access or recognition. As a verb, to blacklist can mean to deny someone work in a particular field, or to ostracize them from a certain social circle. Conversely, a Whitelist is a list or compilation or list identifying persons or organizations that are accepted, recognized, or privileged.

The Mandate Center takes great pride in working with people of all kinds and all type of commodities to provide a safe avenue for transactions to be completed in a timely and positive fashion. Brokers are allow to bring a mandate to the table and be apart of the deal through NDNC but are not allow to continue past a certain point as the Facilitator or negotiator for a buyer or seller. They will not have access to any on-line activity within our password protected areas. All security features are monitored 24-7 and will cause passwords to be deleted.

In the event a person is found associated we have the right to cancel, delay or remove a particular party from a deal or cancel a deal where a person is found with more then one complaint.
The Mandate Center is trying to provide a positive place for buyers and sellers to come for a transaction with the knowledge of knowing all parties involved are in a pre-arranged agreement that will not delay, harm any aspect of a closing.

Our List is Private and NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. This is strictly for our core members to have a place where they have the right to do their own personal due diligence on the people providing certain information pertaining to a transaction with the Mandate Center or Core people in association. Names are associated to the industry in which they are entered by an individual and are acting on their own behalf and must Post their name to the person listed with contact number. To eliminate any type of ms-representation, harm or acting in hate or any other reason, the Mandate Center will only show this list to the private individuals associated to the Mandate Center and have completed a document of involvement for said list access.

To register to become an associate please fill out contact information and a director will call to discuss your future involvement.

What it takes to become an associate?

1- A past history of commodities involvement, REO, Commercial and Gold ( AU) transactions or involved in a clear capacity that is deemed successful

2. A completed form that will be sent to the individual with acknowledge by the members connected already for a group basis decision.

3. Understanding that by entering you commit to pure honesty and in the best intension of doing your part in each deal you are participating in.

4. Submit information to the core people involved for absolute return on investment and time invested towards each clients needs.

5. Upon leaving, for whatever reason, outside of the basic reasons ( retirement, illness, etc) will be deemed confidential and that our core group will not be able to assist in any further deals.

To apply Click here and fill download form and email directly to Mandate Center. You will be contacted within approx 24-72 hours after receipt of submission.

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