Mandate Center Mandaged Buy Sell Program


Bank Guarantee program is a NO-RISK sceanrio which offers clients a huge comfort level as program is run in a bank in Western Europe and is secured with account being in clients name in non-depleting status

Program offers clients the option to opt in for a minimum of 1M USD or EUROS up to 10M for smaller programs. Program will also accommodate higher volumes of funds up to 5B.

Client will be offered multiple programs to determine the length of time and particular fed authorized programs that will be funded according to the programs length. Client will opt for specific time for transaction and will complete transaction with profits secured in sub account.

Client can do a one time offer and money returned in approx 3 days. With this client will not be able to return until position reopens to repsent a project of low volume. All clients are based on amount and time needed to fufil project financing.

For more informaiton please use our contact page and fill in request form. Information will be send according to each submission and usually with 24-72 hours depending on the volume of submissions we are currently getting.

Program is of experienced people who are usually recognized if clients has completed a transaction at this level.


All Submission as to and will be dispursed accordingly to the proper associated for a return call within a SHORT PERIOD.
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    • Honesty is the best policy approach- We track all our deals to ensure all parties associated are properly paid in a timely fashion.