News about the Deals in connection with us
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MTN's In EUROS & USD - We have a Managed Buy-Sell Program wih No-Risk for MTN's and Non-Depleting Accounts - FALL PROGRAM 1M to 10M new program just opened.
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Bank Guarantee Managed Buy-Sell Program - Program is for 1M to 10M min. This is a NO-RISK Scenarion and backed by Banking Institution working with the program- CIS Package will be requested. Final Quarter before rules and program changes.
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GOLD - We have a gold ( AU) for Sale Seller/Buyers for mandates only. Please read procedures for Mandate ONLY. We are a Gateway to 2 Mints in N. America
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Exclusive - Direct To Oil Seller Mandate Center is opening the door to fuel sales In AUG 10th. All buyers should send direct email clearly indicating their Interest. If broker, we will request a conference call with buyer. We guarantee no middle people between us and Seller. We have papered position for 2 years now.
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OIL DEALS AVAILABLE - We have obtained two new Mandated position for JP54 and D-2 from Rotterdam & USA. Contract seller holds massive amount of fuel. Selling in bulk of 3 to 5 million. Some in Tank and some in PIPE. All contract and with schedules..
The Mandate Center is providing a list to current members of people who are not able to interact with our group.Read More Click Here
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Financing Available - Looking for investors to assist in an oil transaction or purchase. If you are looking to seek a JV partner - Email us.
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Want To Become An Associate Member - The Mandate Center is always interested in developing relationships with people who can utilize our global network and get involved.
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Real Estate- We are now providing properties and we have a special list for Phoenix Arizona . For obtaining a list you must fill out the registration in order to show the connection and we will then provide a list with a fee protection agreement for exclusive lists.More Info .
A company that enables both sides to speak within 48 hours!

Successful investors understand that superior technology and low broker chains hold the key to greater returns. Our clients benefit from direct access to Providers, Sellers and Buyers!.


Gold - We are direct to a Mint through the chairman of the MINT who has offered us the opportunity to present qualified candidates to him for immediate purchase. We also are direct to another specialized gold foundation who also will purchase under the guidelines submitted to us. These two options are bullion officer to bullion officer with CIF procedures. Discount must be clearly defined.


OIL - We are direct to Sellers and multiple Refineries.. We are of qualified and experience people with papered authorized representative positions. We offer Crude oils, No. 6, Asphalt, D-2, JP54, A-1, A-8, D-4 and heating oil. Procedures are quite easy to follow and we provide direct communication with selling party after a quick conversation with the buyer to comfirm procedures. The we immediate place seller on phone for direct communication.

All inquiries need to fill out registration form on contact page for a call to be followed. With our position we ask that mandates or buyers request only. Brokers entering for information will receive information but no offers, or private sellers information will be released except to the buyer direct.

We have a large variety of products available to us. Register and receive our new emailed product list of what is for immediate Sale. Basically our Hot Sheet. Now available. Click here

BUY / SELL PROGRAMS MTN & BG's - No RIsk sceanrio. This is a perfect opportunity for people who are currently seeking MTN's and BG's to build a relationship. We are currently hosting a program where clients can apply funds into non-depleting sub account in clients name to participate in program and obtains generous profits to assist in project financing. A complete CIS package will be needed to participate.

With our direct network, we are the largest independent US-Europe mandate center. Click on a link below to enter our customer focused web sites to learn more about our services..

ATTENTION PEOPLE : Banks are not producing the lists with any great speed as they have been. For all people requesting REO lists, we at the Mandate Center are letting you know that we are no longer able to produce the list in 24 hours as the banks we deal with have become unfashionably slow and unresponsive.. So please be aware that we are no longer pursuing REO lists or deals any more.

Tanks Farm Sales & Lease: We have spots open for immediate sale and lease Also can place deposit on future tanker under development.

Brokers sometimes have many chains and are unwilling to give up contacts which ultimately can prolong a deal to dissolve. Our approach is conference call between the two parties within 24-48 hours with the understanding of the fees associated are agreed before the call is placed. Within hours packages are sent.


More Services

We have created a buyers paradise via online direct connect. If interested email us with contact info
For MTN's we require - LOI, IFPA and compliance package. We will post the MTN's Available and in our control on a
new list we are providing here shortly. Once the LOI is sent a 24-48 due diligence period and S.B.P. and Bank
to Bank deals.

We are 98%of the time on the Sellers side for the IFPA. More then 2 group in the buyer side will not be accepted. Do subfee for anyone or brokers. We are getting
packages every hour so we will require a complete package. Anything less will not be considered as valid.